Nell Pooley of Kahlo Painters is the most passionate trades person I have met in recent years. Not only is Nell deeply Passionate about her work/ person ship, but she is also extremely artistic. Nell relishes the fact that there are so many new and amazing paint products available and has immersed herself in acquainting herself with them.

Every Builder knows that the finished product sells the job. The finished product is the painters responsibility . Poor finishing is unacceptable ,but often the painter is expected to make a silk purse from the sows ear. All will struggle to do this. Given a good finish, Nell (kahlo) will give you the most amazing of finishes. On my last Build with Nell, two interior designers commented separately that the finish was the best they had ever seen from a decorator/ painter.

Nell has the engaging knack of ingraining herself with the clients, mainly due to the passion she exudes about her profession. The Client knows Nell is on their side. That makes My Job easier as the Principal Contractor.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nell to anyone who wants a great finish to their biggest investment.

If you would like to talk to me about Nell, Call me 021 742 170.