Our Promise

Quality Workmanship

We use quality products & don’t cut corners. We have a list of preferred and recommended products specified for each area and work close with paint professionals to ensure we are using the correct products and methods to ensure our work stands the test of time.

We offer a 12 month care promise so if there are any issues caused by our workmanship call us and we will pop back as soon as possible and fix for you.

We discuss products and work plans to keep everyone in the loop during the painting process and keep hours and materials documented for full transparency.

Ultimately we love happy Clients.

Our Team

Pride and Artistry

Nell Pooley

Nell is originally from Kent in the U.K. She studied Creative and Fine Arts for 6 years before immigrating to New Zealand for a chance at fairer weather. She started Kahlo Painting to create genuine high quality finishes knowing hand on heart she wasn’t cutting corners. Her inspiration as you could probably guess is Frida Kahlo, a truely inspirational female painter who naturally thought outside the box.

To stay ahead of the game Nell and her team regularly train up on new paints and techniques. They believe painting is so much more than just ‘slapping it on’. It’s about making every space reach its full potential and transforming using colours & textures applied with skill and passion. The team have recently become Eco Decorators, which is an honour in itself. Resene Eco Decorators are chosen from quality painters with integrity and a mind for the environment.

Our Commitment

Painters with Integrity

Sustainable decorating is more than just choosing an Environmental Choice approved paint. It is also making sure that it is applied in an environmentally responsible manner following sustainable principles.